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When your well-site operation has come to an end, it is time for everyone’s least favorite job. The cleanup. One of the hardest cleanup projects is going to be the frac pond removal. Between the safety requirements, environmental regulations, and public perceptions, this part of oil and gas extraction can be a nightmare. But have no fear, West Texas Dumpsters has got your back!

West Texas Dumpsters specializes in frac pit liner removal and cleanup. They operate all over the Permian Basin and can help with a number of other decommissioning tasks. This experienced waste removal company understands that your decommissioning and frac pond cleanup is going to have implications for worker health and safety, and serious legal consequences if done incorrectly. Further, an improper or poorly executed restoration job will draw unwanted condemnation from the general public and stakeholders of your project. It’s better to leave it to the experts.

West Texas Dumpsters ensures your frac pond liner removal will be professional, safe, and timely. They are well aware of the safety and health hazards posed, and all of their services comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Safety and Health Concerns:

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), pit liner cleanup is a dirty and dangerous process. Workers involved in frac pit liner removal face a number of hazards. Though some frac pits are only used for freshwater, others are involved in secondary containment of hazardous chemicals, or in the storage of produced water. As the water is evaporated or drained from these pits, dangerous chemicals can accumulate on the pit liner. Cleanup is necessary to prevent them from spreading to people or the environment.

Of these, one of the worst is crystalline silica. This ultrafine dust is found in the sand used for fracking, as well as in the produced water from the well. Crystalline silica is condemned by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institute for elevating rates of cancer. A pit liner removal is often complicated by this nearly invisible layer of dust. Safety precautions must be taken to avoid breathing this dust or getting in on your skin. This is especially true in the dry and dusty conditions of the Permian basin area.

But silica is hardly the only concern. Fracking produces and uses dozens of hazardous chemicals, many of which end up on your frac pit liner. Blocking these chemicals is the intended purpose of the pit liner, but it leaves for a tricky cleanup. The hazardous chemicals flushed from the well include acids, radioactive materials, and biocides (used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms). Further, any residual water in the pond could contain hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compounds.

West Texas Dumpsters specializes in the removal of these hazardous pit liners. Their operations managers are all PEC certified. The Petroleum Education Council (PEC) is the national leader in oil and gas industry training. The company is also certified to remove well site wastes by the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC). The managers understand and are prepared to deal with the large variety of hazardous materials encountered during liner removal, and always operate beyond OSHA standards.

Legal Requirements:

Beyond keeping you and your employees safe, West Texas Dumpsters understands the complex legal environment surround oilfield cleanup and remediation services. Along with their other oilfield waste services in the Permian basin, all cleanup operations follow guidelines from the EPA, federal and state laws, and those of local jurisdictions.

Further, the company holds all the required permits to haul your pit liner away from the site. They carry both an EPA permit to transport solid wastes and permits across different localities they work in. This means that anywhere in the Permian basin they can legally engage in pit liner removal, and aid in other decommissioning projects such as removing contaminated soil.

Public Perceptions:

When it’s time for decommissioning, you need the process to happen quickly. As your well site winds down, landowners and neighbors will have a keen eye on the project. Owners will be watching like hawks to ensure that their land is restored in full. Neighbors will be watching as well, ready to report any shortcuts or improper actions directly to the EPA or other regulatory agencies.

With your experienced drillers and operators moving to a new rig, you likely have few people left on-site with the experience and know-how needed to pull off the procedure flawlessly. You could have a few novice roustabouts take a shot at the complex and sensitive project. Or, you could leave it to West Texas Dumpsters.

With years of experience removing and hauling all sorts of contaminated and hazardous loads, they can make short work of even the largest frac pond liners. As a local company, they are committed to beautifying the entire Permian Basin. Their team of highly trained professionals will come with the tools and experience necessary for efficient pit liner removal, leaving you with soil ready to be reclaimed. This efficient and well-coordinated effort at the end of the project will signal to stakeholders that the principles of wastewater management have been followed rigorously.

Cost, Price, and Time:

Whether you specialize in oil and gas extraction or environmental remediation, you likely have more important aspects of the project to focus on. By letting West Texas Dumpsters take care of your pit liner removal, you can let your experienced and valuable personnel spend their time on more profitable activities. Time is money, as they say.

But you won’t just lose time trying to remove the liner alone. The removal of a frac pond liner requires special equipment that you will likely need to purchase. Your employees must be trained (and updated regularly) on proper removal techniques and regulations. Between the investments in new equipment, training of employees, and man-hours invested into the project, the flow of cash outward will be significant. Further, you will need to hire trucks to haul off the hazardous liner or get the permits to do so yourself. These are not great options.

West Texas Dumpsters has all of these components waiting and ready to go. They service the entire Permian Basin area and know it well. You can contact the company below for a free consultation. Or give them a call! Operators are standing by 24 hours.

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