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Reliabe Dumpster Rentals in Sweetwater, TX

Kitchen trash compactors are a great appliance that can help you fit more garbage into a single bag. However, when it comes to getting rid of oversized, bulky items, that compactor won't be much help. Instead, you'll need to bring in a roll off dumpster. You don't have to hire a contractor to rent a dumpster. All you need to do is reach out to West Texas Dumpsters. We provide a wide selection of roll off containers for all of Sweetwater. One phone call and your junk is as good as gone.

Uses For Your Dumpster Rental in Sweetwater

A dumpster is an essential item if you're engaged in any type of construction project. You won't find a home being built without a large roll off container being parked outside. You can use that same time of dumpster for your DIY remodeling project. Whether you're replacing carpets, tiles, or kitchen cabinets you'll need a large bin to hold the demolition. You'll also need a space to throw out all the scraps from your leftover building materials.

A major landscaping makeover is another perfect reason for renting a dumpster from West Texas Dumpsters. The dumpster you pick can hold any torn down fence or ripped up deck. It can also accommodate a hot tub, swing set, tree fort, shed and concrete. Your remodeling project can't begin until you clear away all the clutter.

Speaking of clearing away the clutter, having a dumpster on your property will be a big help when you tackle the garage cleanup. If your garage has become so cluttered with stuff that you can't even park your car in there, then it's time to take out the trash! As long as you're removing the rubbish from your garage, you might as well take a run at your closets, basement and attic. Everything you want to get rid of can be hauled away in a single dumpster.

Picking The Right Roll Off Container Size

Our dumpsters range from small 10 yard roll-off containers to the giant 40 yard construction dumpsters. State regulations require that you fill up the dumpster to just below the rim. In other words, there can be no overflow. When you call in for schedule your dumpster rental, our service reps will be able to help you pick the right size for your project. We take all the guesswork out of renting a dumpster!

Most of the roll off containers provided by West Texas Dumpsters can be delivered within 24 hours of your call. We also have emergency service available for situations like an after storm cleanup. The units will be properly secured by our service teams. When they are full, give us another call and the dumpsters will be picked up ASAP.

As for placement, you can have the dumpster placed at any spot on your property that can support the weight. You should avoid any area that could be become wet and muddy such as a lawn or patch of dirt. Most customers opt for having their dumpsters placed on the street in front of their homes. If a special permit is required by your neighborhood, we'll be able to provide information on how to secure that paperwork. We're taking the hassle out of dumpster rental.

Porta Potty Rentals in Sweetwater, Texas

West Texas Dumpsters is also your one stop porta potty rental company. For extending construction contracts, you'll find our crew porta potties alongside our dumpsters. These are self-contained units that don't require any special hook ups. With extended contracts, our porta potties will be serviced at least once a week.

You can use our porta potties for your next big outdoor event whether that is a family party in your backyard or a company picnic in a park. We also can arrange for a VIP bathroom trailer that comes with vanity counter, running water and AC. These trailers are great for an elegant wedding reception.

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