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Dumpster Rental Frequently Asked Questions:

What size Dumpster Do I need?

When considering what size dumpster to rent in West Texas, it is important to think about the needs of your project. If you are working on a project in Midland, Odessa, or one of the surrounding cities, it is important you get the correct sized roll-off. We can help you determine what size dumpster will best fit the needs of your project. Call us today and we will ask you the important questions and recommend a size based on your needs.

How far in advance do I need to rent a dumpster?

While West Texas Dumpsters can usually have a dumpster on site in Midland or Odessa within 24 hours, sometimes capacity is tight. We recommend you make plans as far in advance as possible. Need a dumpster ASAP? Call us now at (432) 614-5241 and we will do what we can to make sure you get the roll-off dumpster you need.

Can I use a construction dumpster for concrete, dirt, or other heavy materials?

Yes! Make sure to tell us what kind of materials you will be loading into your container and we will make sure you are aware of the safest way to load your dumpster. We deliver in Odessa, Midland, Big Spring, and the surrounding areas to new construction sites, demolition sites, any situation where you may find yourself with an excess of debris. Roll-off dumpster rentals in West Texas are ideal for construction no matter how large or small the project is.

How are dumpster prices determined?

Dumpster prices in Odessa and Midland are based on supply, demand, fuel, time, and a wealth of other factors. West Texas Dumpsters strives to provide the best possible pricing with service that is unmatched. We make sure our dumpster prices are transparent and our customers are aware of all fees before we send out any dumpster equipment. Call West Texas Dumpsters at (432) 614-5241 and a customer service representative will make sure you get all the information you need to rent a dumpster in Midland or Odessa's greater area.

Why a "Roll Off Dumpster"?

Roll-off dumpsters get their name from the manner in which they are delivered. Our dumpsters literally "roll off" the back of a trailer into the best place possible for you to load them. A roll-off dumpster is ideal for any situation you find yourself in that leaves you with excess waste. Don't waste time, fuel or energy running back and forth to the dump when you can have one of our dumpsters delivered right to your project site and just load it up.

I have Tons of debris, can you help?

Of course. We can provide you with a dumpster service that will enable you to get rid of waste no matter how much you have. We can often times deliver multiple containers to a project site or take multiple trips to the dump. We strive to provide a dumpster service you can rely on to make sure your project stays on track and on budget. We will assess your waste management needs from the start and plan a schedule that will make sure you can keep working and not have to wonder if you will have enough dumpster space. Call us today at (432) 614-5241 and let one of our waste consultants determine the best way to handle your project's waste disposal needs. We are the premier dumpster rental company in Odessa, Midland and all of West Texas so call us and we will get all of your dumpster rental needs covered!

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