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With hundreds of millions of gallons of water used for every fracking operation, dry regions like the Permian basin must reduce, recycle, and reuse their water. Not only is it imperative to the profits and success of the operation as a whole, but water use (and misuse) will quickly get noticed by the public and local residents. These important aspects of wastewater management are discussed below. The basics of wastewater management are simple: get as much use out of as little water as possible. To achieve these ends, extraction companies use a variety of methods which have been suggested by the EPA’s consultants.

Secondary containment is a safeguard to primary containment, or the original vessel that stores a chemically dangerous or hazardous waste. The secondary containment of a potentially hazardous material can take a number of forms. In the oil and gas industry, secondary containment is used in a variety of locations on an wellsite. Secondary containment is required on all chemicals which may affect human health or the environment. On small batches of chemicals, secondary containment usually takes the form of small trays to catch any leaks or spills.

A frac pond is a type of retention pond, used to store massive amounts of water used in the fracking process. A frac pond may be built to store fresh water, produced water or flowback from the well, or a mixture during the course of wellsite development. Frac pits often receive the large volumes of flowback generated during the extraction, which can contain chemicals, radioactive elements, and other contaminants. For this reason, pits are commonly lined with thick plastic which is sealed at the seams.

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Due to instability and the possibility of sinking, these roll off dumpsters need to be placed on a hard, stable surface. Gravel, asphalt, or concrete are perfect, while grass and dirt may be used, damage may occur. These roll off containers come in a variety of sizes (measured in cubic yards and subject to availability) for whatever your needs, but keep in mind they do come with corresponding weight limits and extra fees imposed for overage. Dumpsters in Midland, Texas

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